Friday, May 15, 2009


Judah is allergic to penicillin. Yesterday was his last day on antibiotics and it showed up last night. I noticed a little spot by his eye and I thought he got a bug bite or something. This morning when he got up I noticed more when I changed him. It is so weird how they come and go in just minutes. One minute he could look like he has nothing and the next he is covered. I feel so bad for him. Here are a few pictures. I took a video, but I can't get it up on the computer.

Kian was done with his antibiotic yesterday too, but he still has a nasty cough and runny nose so he was checked out at the doctor today too. He is now on another antibiotic.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Here is a video that Tiffani made for me. Thanks Tiff!!!

Sick Family

We took Kian and Judah to the Doc today and they both are on antibiotics now. That is 3 out of the 4 kids. How crazy is that? Kian had ear infections and sinus infections and Judah has a sinus infection. I sure hope I don't end up with all that. I do feel horrible today!

Quick Update

Right now as I type this there is a bird flying into my basement window over and over. What is he thinking?

We still don't have our NEW laptop working. I don't use the computer downstairs very often so that is why the blog has been neglected.

Allyn went to the Doc yesterday.....she has pink eye, start of an ear infection and sinus infection. She also lost a tooth last week.

Lyric lost two teeth last week. (tooth fairy is broke) He is healthy.... no cold as of yet. He is always the healthy one.

Kian is going to the Doc today because he has had a horrible cough for the past couple of weeks and he says his ear hurts.

Judah has a snotty nose and the start of a cough so he is going to the Doc today too.

David is healthy! He took this week off because he got an extra 5 days baby leave. I told him to take it before the kids are out of school so we can spend some time together and get some stuff done around the house. We have to start thinking about putting it up for sale. David finish with his two classes and got 100% in one of the and 99. something in the other.

Me.......sore throat today. I am sure it is turning into a cold like the kids have. I have been running Mon, Wed, Fri and doing Zumba on Thurs. I hope this cold doesn't stop me from running in the morning.

We are going home to Minnesota on Memorial Weekend.