Monday, July 12, 2010

The Pool and Stuff

Those are some cute kids!!!

Judah getting into stuff he shouldn't.

Really a great picture of Al!!

Heading around the corner to the pool.

Kian got his foot in the door walking into the pool area. It hurt me just looking at it.

The back of our house from in front of the pool.

Judah likes to do push-ups with Daddy!

Check out this move!

David's 33rd Birthday

David had duty on his birthday so we decided to celebrate a day early. The kids made him a cake. Some how Lyric and I got the measurement of the oil confused. It was suppose to be 1/3 c. but we measured out 1 1/3 c. While Kian was pouring the oil into the bowl I did notice before we poured the whole thing in. I think we ended up putting about 1 c in. We had no idea how it would come out. It ended up really yummy. I guess if you want a very moist cake put in extra oil.

Kian giving Daddy his presents.
I let each of the kids pick out what they wanted to give David for his birthday. Allyn picked him out a card. It is really cute how she wrote his name on the front. It says Dadday
Kian picked him out a toothbrush. How perfect he now has one for home and one for the boat.

Lyric picked out a bag of Twix. Good think he has a toothbrush after eating all of that candy.

Judah and I picked him out a coke. We hardly ever have soda in the house, but when we do David drinks it like it is the last thing on earth.

Judah loves Ketchup

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

San Diego Zoo

We took the kids to the San Diego Zoo yesterday. It really is a great zoo. I can't believe how close we get to the animals. I am not a big fan of pictures of animals so David was camera man all day. He took lots and lots of pictures. Here are a few of them.

You can see in this first picture how close we were to the tortoises. These were one of my favorite things to look at. I really had no idea how big they were just by watching them on TV.

We had to take a picture of Allyn in front of the flamingos. Back when I was pregnant with Lyric and Allyn was 2 we drove down to CA from WA. We took her to Sea World and for the longest time she would imitate a flamingo. It is one of those things that David and I will never forget about her being little.

I LOVED watching Judah's face while he looked at the animals. He was amazed! When we were looking at the cheetah he pointed and said, "MoMo".

David was really into the Gorilla statues.

Did I say David took most of the pictures? Both the zebra and elephants were male! Lyric thought it was funny.

I made sure David got a picture of this sign. I thought it was interesting!

Mama and baby panda

David's First Day of Work

Last Thursday was David's first day of work. He had to be there at 7 and at noon he called me and said he was on his way home and didn't have to be back to work until Tuesday. So now today is David's first full day of work. He is on the CGC Chase.
The kids ran out to meet him when he got home his first day.

The New House

Here are a few pictures of the new house. We are still working on putting it all together. We do have most of the boxes unpacked.
This picture was taken before we got our house hold goods.

We do have a pool in the back of our house. (Right past the fence in the back yard). We decided we had to get Judah his own little pool. He loves it!!!

David and the kids washing the car!

David told the kids to all look at me for a picture. They didn't know he was going to spray them with the hose.

David didn't shave the whole time he was on leave. Here he is right before he shaved.
Lyric really likes to make things in the kitchen. One night after dinner he asked if he could make dessert for everyone. It had yogurt, strawberries, banana and chocolate syrup.