Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Allyn's Ears

Allyn had her appointment yesterday! She didn't have an ear infection so they were able to test her hearing. It looks like she will be getting hearing aides. Here hearing is right on the border line as to get them or not, but I figure that if they can help her with hearing, speech and school why not. We do have to wait to hear that the insurance will cover them. Please pray the cover 100%.

Judah's first time eating rice cereal!

David and I in our Crossroad shirts that we will be wearing in the 4th of July parade.

Monday, June 29, 2009

Bay Beach

I took the kids to Bay Beach in Green Bay with our Mom's Prayer Group. It was so much fun!! Lyric said it was the best place on earth. It is totally free to get in and each ticket is only $.25. All the rides are either 1 or 2 tickets. I only spent $10 on tickets. What a cheap fun day!!

I could not believe Allyn was so eager to get on rides. She usually wants nothing to do with things that move, but without even thinking she jumped right up on the horse.

Judah even got to go on a ride. Here we are on a train ride.
OK...so seriously this surprised me... both Allyn and Kian wanted to go on the scrambler. Kian really wanted to sit next to me. I told him that Sissy would squish him, but at the time he didn't care. He did mind he was hurting her after the ride started. I asked him if he was having fun on the ride and he calmly said, "NO". These rides were more to Kian's liking.
Judah trying to enjoy his ride in the stroller.
We packed a lunch so we wouldn't have to buy lunch there. Even if we had to get lunch there it was so reasonable. It was only $1.75 for a cheeseburger. Where do you find that?

Santi and Lyric
Lyric and Angie were so excited to go on these swings. This was his favorite ride.
Kian, Nic and Santi driving a boat.
My little race car driver!
Here is our group picture. We were missing Allyn, Lyric and Angie because they were waiting in line to go on the scrambler before we left. The went back for seconds!!
Here they are in motion! Click on the picture and look at their faces. So cute!
I had to take this picture because on of the things we had on the scavenger hunt was to get stuck behind a train. I did get stuck behind one yesterday. I am still in hunt mode. I can't wait to do it again. I sure hope we are here next year for it!!!

Saturday, June 27, 2009

2009 Crossroads Scavenger Hunt

We had a scavenger hunt that we did today with the church. Here are some of the pictures from it. Oh...The Hastings team won the hunt!!!

Find a business with a teammate's name in the title.
Catch any other team in hunting mode.
Take a picture with someone in uniform
Fit your team under a picnic table.
Share a piggyback ride with anyone not on your team.
Bubbler? Water Fountain? Whatever! Take a picture by one.
Sometimes the world is best viewed upside down. A picture of a member of your team doing a handstand.
Picture of your team jumping up in the air at the same time. (look at Judah's feet..he was jumping too)
Make a small (yet bonding) human pyramid with your team.
Any license plate with two C's in it -Double points for three C's (crossroads community church)

Someone walking 2 dogs.
A picture of someone with a shampoo that cost more than $10.
Someone needs to be crowned a Burger King.
Take a picture of a teammate with a yellow stoplight.
Find out what movie will be the first one showing after church tomorrow. Take a picture by the poster for it.
Bring back a packet of Ketchup from any McDonalds.
Pick your most adventurous team member and take their picture on a Harley. (We had to get exactally $.50 in gas and bring the reciept back and there was a guy filling up his harley. I also burned my leg really bad on it.)
Locate a house with a 'sold' sign outside.
Someone needs a bit of a workout. Try out a hula hoop.
Someone in your team needs a bath- get in a tub and take a picture.
Draw a hopscotch board and play a round.
It might be 90 degrees, but it'll be winter before you know it. Get warmed up by making a snow angel in the grass.
Your team sharing one soda with many straws.
Find a statue or a fountain or some piece of art and imitate it. (this one is my favorite)
Picture of your group doing exactally what a sign says. (you can't make a sign)
Picture of someone drinking a coke by a coke sign.
Get a picture of anyone in a shopping cart
Picture of a teammate with a sign showing the current tempature.

Crossroads is playing a lot of softball this summer. Get a picture rounding second base on any diamond. (click on the picture...David has a nice pose in this one)
Take a picture with a stand-up arcade game.
Get a signature of someon who's new to Crossroads since the last Scavenger Hunt.
One of your teammates is a winner- take a picture with a trophy!