Saturday, June 27, 2009

2009 Crossroads Scavenger Hunt

We had a scavenger hunt that we did today with the church. Here are some of the pictures from it. Oh...The Hastings team won the hunt!!!

Find a business with a teammate's name in the title.
Catch any other team in hunting mode.
Take a picture with someone in uniform
Fit your team under a picnic table.
Share a piggyback ride with anyone not on your team.
Bubbler? Water Fountain? Whatever! Take a picture by one.
Sometimes the world is best viewed upside down. A picture of a member of your team doing a handstand.
Picture of your team jumping up in the air at the same time. (look at Judah's feet..he was jumping too)
Make a small (yet bonding) human pyramid with your team.
Any license plate with two C's in it -Double points for three C's (crossroads community church)

Someone walking 2 dogs.
A picture of someone with a shampoo that cost more than $10.
Someone needs to be crowned a Burger King.
Take a picture of a teammate with a yellow stoplight.
Find out what movie will be the first one showing after church tomorrow. Take a picture by the poster for it.
Bring back a packet of Ketchup from any McDonalds.
Pick your most adventurous team member and take their picture on a Harley. (We had to get exactally $.50 in gas and bring the reciept back and there was a guy filling up his harley. I also burned my leg really bad on it.)
Locate a house with a 'sold' sign outside.
Someone needs a bit of a workout. Try out a hula hoop.
Someone in your team needs a bath- get in a tub and take a picture.
Draw a hopscotch board and play a round.
It might be 90 degrees, but it'll be winter before you know it. Get warmed up by making a snow angel in the grass.
Your team sharing one soda with many straws.
Find a statue or a fountain or some piece of art and imitate it. (this one is my favorite)
Picture of your group doing exactally what a sign says. (you can't make a sign)
Picture of someone drinking a coke by a coke sign.
Get a picture of anyone in a shopping cart
Picture of a teammate with a sign showing the current tempature.

Crossroads is playing a lot of softball this summer. Get a picture rounding second base on any diamond. (click on the picture...David has a nice pose in this one)
Take a picture with a stand-up arcade game.
Get a signature of someon who's new to Crossroads since the last Scavenger Hunt.
One of your teammates is a winner- take a picture with a trophy!


Tammara, Jess and Cory said...

The kids look worn out after the hunt. I love the goose/duck and david and the Low shoulder. way to go team Hastings.

The Cisneros Family said...

OMGosh Stacy, those pictures are SOOO FUNNY!!! I wish I could comment on them individually... I dont get the part about cheating about mowing the grass though?

Kariberry said...

How fun! I would love to do something like that.:)