Wednesday, August 4, 2010

When I am not looking.....

This is what happened today while I was updating the blog. As I type this they are putting jewelry on him.

Here is another video I have been meaning to post. Judah really likes to help out with the laundry.
We really like San Diego!! For the first time in our lives we feel like we are at a place where we could call it home. Yes, I think I would like to come back here after David retires. I know a lot can change in 7 years, but I also know I have not lived in the place we would like to retire yet. We live in the perfect spot. It takes us minutes to get to anywhere. 15 minutes to the zoo, airport, beaches, BARE ESCENTIALS!! 2 miles to Ikea!!! Great shopping!

We are still searching for a church. Some weekends we have gone to 2 churches. A lot of them have a Friday or Saturday service so we would go to one of them and then one on Sunday. We have found one that we really like and what makes it really cool is that it is right around the corner from our house. They have over 100 small groups to choose from and they even have groups for the kids at church while we attend small group. Why doesn't everyone do that? I believe a small group is one of the most important things and child care makes it really hard for people to attend. While living in Sheboygan we felt like we didn't grow like we should have just because we didn't have the small groups. Ok, the small groups were there, but the childcare was an issue. Meeting on a weekly basis... how awesome is that? I really miss it! They also have a homeschool group!!

We are going to start homeschooling in a week or two!! We are so excited! The day we got into our house the kids asked if it was time to start school. I have ordered most of the curriculum for the kids. I think there are a couple small things that I need to get. I am enrolling the kids into a Charter school. I'm still learning all of this as well, but we need to be part of a school so we are covered legally. They are going to pay for $425 for each kid a semester for curriculum. This can include karate and things like that. Its almost like getting paid to homeschool. They will also cover Allyn and her special ed. I can't wait to be there to experience my children learning and me to be their influence rather than other children and teachers who could view the world completely different than I do (that is outside a Christian school). Please pray for us this first year. I know it will be a huge learning experience not only for the kids, but for myself.

Judah on the Potty

Judah has gone on the potty 3 times!!!

Lyric got 2 stitches

Last week while we were at the Y I got interrupted from my workout and was told Lyric feel and broke his chin open. They had him all bandaged up, but I wanted to take a look at it. It wasn't long, but it looked kinda deep. This is how it happened. He was on one of those scooters that you sit on and you put your feet on the handles and move it back and forth. Well he was on his knees on it and feel forward. OUCH!!
So all day I could not decide if I should take him in or not. I could see "meat" inside of it. David had duty that day so of course he was not home. I didn't want to take him in for the simple fact that I didn't want to wait in the ER with all 4 kids. About 3:00 I decided to call the boat to talk to David. He said to take him in so that is what I did. First of all I had no idea where to even take him. I got the address to the Children's hospital. I didn't know and right next door to Children's is another hospital. I just saw the sign for emergency room so we found a spot to park in the parking garage and headed for the hospital. We got inside and found out we were in the wrong place. I packed up the kids and headed around the corner to Children's. We got there about 3:30. We waited a good hour or two and they called Lyric's name. I was so happy! They took his vitals and said that he would need stitches. She told us to go back to the waiting room and wait until his name was called again. So we sat for another couple of hours. We finally got called back and sat for a little while. Then we were asked if he had the stuff on his chin to numb it yet. So we had to let that sit for at least another 20 minutes. Finally the stitches were done. The kids were done too. They actually did pretty well, but they were so hungry. There was a McDonalds in the hospital so the kids got to have a cheeseburger after 8:00 pm. We left the hospital about 8:30. That was a long day!
These pictures are out of order

Lyric after the stitches were in!

The Dr got each kid a popsicle after we were all done. She told Lyric after they were all done he would feel super good. She was right. Lyric felt better than ever!! I guess it is from the adrenaline kids get before getting stitches.

Here he has the stuff that numbs it.

Keeping Judah happy while we patiently wait.