Monday, June 21, 2010

Happy Father's Day

We were going to start the day off by trying out a church, but we changed our mind and headed out to get a new washer and dryer. We first stopped at the NEX to look for one. I can't believe how huge the one is here!!! They didn't have the one we wanted so we headed to get it then we came back to spend some time in the pool.
The kids were being wild so David told them to stand outside the room... LOL. They were find hanging outside for a little while, but then they wanted back in.
Lyric is the best big brother a boy could ask for. We were trying to get ready in the morning and he just took it upon himself to brush Judah's teeth. He ended up doing it last night before bed too. He probably won't want to do it when we ask him to.

Lunch by the pool

The flowers here are so beautiful!

Every year for the past several years we get a picture of David and the kids in the pool on Father's Day.

Father's Day 2009

Father's Day 2008

Judah found this little thing and had fun playing with it.
Happy Father's Day David! Thank you so much for being an amazing Dad to our kids!!! They are so blessed to have an amazing God fearing Dad to lead them in life. Thank you for being the best husband too!!!

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Exploring San Diego

This is how Lyric and Kian spend their time when we are in the hotel.

Judah had fun running on the beach!

We stopped by our house again today. I am expecting a package. I hope it didn't get delivered and someone helped themselves to it.
We did something really special today!! We went to the Laundromat! We also went shopping for a washer and dryer.
The boys played with balls while we waited for the laundry to finish.

We Made it to San Diego!

We arrived in San Diego yesterday about 3:30 after driving 380 miles. It feels so good to have the drive over with! As soon as we got here we drove by our house (we will get it on Monday now). The neighbor seems very busy. It did look just like it looked when I googled it. After that we went to find a hotel. We had to make several calls because we couldn't find a place to take pets. We found one and we checked in. I walked in the room and it smelled like 15 cats lived there without a litter box. It was horrible. I looked at Judah's feet and they were black. I am not kidding. We washed his feet in the sink and you could see the yuk run off them. David called the desk and asked for another room. It did not smell as bad, but it was not a comfortable place to stay. The TV hardly worked and it just felt dirty. I made some more calls and found another place that would accept pets. We drove to check it out before booking it and it is much much nicer! The people here at this hotel are very friendly too! So we will stay here until Monday. We did have to go back to the other hotel and check out after just checking in. They did make David still pay $30, but that was worth it not to stay there.
Allyn's feet from the hotel. NOTHING like Judah's were before we washed them. I wish I got a picture of his feet!
Dead plants could be a clue that they don't take care of things.

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Day 7

The kids went here at the Trading Post to pick out something.

Kian asked me to take his picture.
David's serious cowboy face.

Earrings Allyn picked out
Both the boys picked out a arrow.
Judah got a ladybug book.
Getting ready to check out the Grand Canyon

David, Lyric and Kian took a walk down towards the edge.

Another picture Kian wanted me to take. I thought this one turned out cute!!

David taking pictures of himself while driving.
We didn't end up spending much time at the Grand Canyon. After we saw it we were ready to move on. Tonight we are staying in Kingman, AZ. I think we drove about 300 miles today. We were thinking about going to Vegas tomorrow and stay for a day or two, but we decided to finish the drive to San Diego tomorrow. I think we are done traveling. It is a lot of work moving from hotel to hotel everyday. We can get there and stay in the same hotel for a few nights. We are suppose to get our house on Tuesday, but we are going to see if we can get it on Monday. Our household goods will be delivered on Wednesday.