Monday, June 14, 2010

Day 4

Our plan for the day was to drive down to Colorado Springs and go to Pikes Peak and Garden of the Gods. We started off at Garden of the Gods.

Allyn's class got her this super cute sweatshirt that they all signed. On the back (I need to get a picture of) it says Sheboygan Christian School and then her name under it. I think it is the cutest gift!! They also gave her a huge beach bag full of stuff like a beach towel, sun glasses, address book that everyone put their info in, water toys and more. They really were so good to her!!!!
Me and Kian at The Garden of the Gods

Some man took this family picture for us. I thought it turned out pretty cute! Then right after it my battery went dead. I was sooo annoyed. After we got out of The Garden of the Gods we headed back into Colorado Springs to find me a new battery. I always new I should have an extra one just for this reason. We got the new battery and had lunch at Red Robin. This is the point Allyn started to not feeling well. She didn't even eat her lunch. We know she is not feeling well when she doesn't eat. We made a reservation for a cog train that goes up to Pikes Peak. We figured it would be a good idea that way no one would have to drive. Everyone was so excited to ride the train.
The train station
Waiting to board the train.

I love how this picture turned out of Lyric and Allyn

The weather has been nothing but rainy. We knew going up there we may not see much but we were hoping for the best.

We got to the top of the peak (14,000 feet) and we all felt horrible especially Allyn. At one point she went to the bathroom to get sick. Thankfully she didn't!! We just wanted to get back down the mountain. The longest hour ever!! They told us that they have the best doughnuts up there because of the altitude. If you ask me they were just a doughnut.
There was pretty much a blizzard up there. Snowing like crazy. I thought this picture of David was hilarious! I had to laugh out loud after I uploaded it. Does it look like he is having fun??
We could not get down to the bottom of the hill fast enough. Allyn had her puke bag in hand. Judah was way over tired. He did sleep most the way down. Kian also slept on the way down.

We were happy to see that the sun had come out on our way down so we could actually see some of the sights. The pictures didn't turn out that well because of the window. We could open the windows to take pictures, but for one it was freezing and I also had Kian sleeping on me. At that moment I was not willing to wake him up for a picture.
We made it to the bottom (over 3 hours)! It felt so fantastic to get in the van. I am glad that we did experience the train, however it is not something you want to do with small children. You also don't want to go unless it is a clear day. I was not willing to stop for dinner on the way back to the hotel so we went through a drive-thru and had dinner in the car.
We are not going to stick around Colorado tomorrow. It is suppose to be bright and sunny, but we are ready to move on. We may hang out for the morning and then have lunch at a restaurant called Casa Bonita. I guess it is a place like we have never been before.


Tammara, Jess and Cory said...

HOpe Allyn is feeling better. That was a pretty neat train ride. Looking forward to day 5 events.
Love to all

The Cisneros Family said...

I love it! You're posting awesomely. Looks like ya'll are having a great adventure. Sorry bout' the kids being sick. Have fun!