Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Day 5

Allyn started off the morning throwing up and on the toilet. It is now 9:47 and she is feeling much better. It looks like we will be able to drive for a while today after all. While I packed things up David took the car and the van to get the oil changed.
Allyn feeling sick

MoMo the cat.... Today we made a stop for gas and a bathroom break. Allyn and I were in the gas station waiting for the bathroom. I could see the car out the window and I watched Lyric get in the van when all of a sudden MoMo jumped out of the van. I ran out of the store at top speed. David is stopping all the cars around from moving. MoMo ended up running under our van. He was scared and didn't want to come out. David grabbed him and pulled him out and burnt himself. I'm sure it was pretty funny to anyone who was watching.

A workbook Lyric got from his class.

Today before we left Denver we went to Casa Bonita for lunch. It is a really fun Mexican restaurant.

The big water fountain outside.

When you get inside you stand in line and order your food then pick it up kinda like a cafeteria. Someone leads you to your table then you have a server who take care of you from there.

Every 15 minutes they have an act. There is a huge waterfall inside. People climb the wall and dive into the water.

The Gun Fight

There are several different areas in several different levels. It was so cool, but hard to get a good picture.
Allyn did really well today. This morning I told her she had no choice and she had to get better. She didn't eat much, but she was fine the whole day. We even went swimming tonight. Now as she lays in bed I notice she has a fever again. It will be gone by morning!!
Tonight we are staying in Grand Junction, Co. We only drove about 230 miles today. We left Denver late after lunch so we didn't expect to drive 400 miles. I think tomorrow we will drive most of the day.


Robb and Rebecca said...

Following your journey...Is it possible Allyn has some altitude sickness? I know I've felt funky sometimes in CO, especially at Pikes Peak. Isn't the altitude over a mile there? I'm thinking of you. Sounds like you've used up CO for all it was worth! ;)

Tammara, Jess and Cory said...

Whoa I am glad everyon is on the way to recovery. Glad Momo got caught that can be terrifying to them and you. Tuffy got out one time during a move and I was frantic.