Monday, July 12, 2010

David's 33rd Birthday

David had duty on his birthday so we decided to celebrate a day early. The kids made him a cake. Some how Lyric and I got the measurement of the oil confused. It was suppose to be 1/3 c. but we measured out 1 1/3 c. While Kian was pouring the oil into the bowl I did notice before we poured the whole thing in. I think we ended up putting about 1 c in. We had no idea how it would come out. It ended up really yummy. I guess if you want a very moist cake put in extra oil.

Kian giving Daddy his presents.
I let each of the kids pick out what they wanted to give David for his birthday. Allyn picked him out a card. It is really cute how she wrote his name on the front. It says Dadday
Kian picked him out a toothbrush. How perfect he now has one for home and one for the boat.

Lyric picked out a bag of Twix. Good think he has a toothbrush after eating all of that candy.

Judah and I picked him out a coke. We hardly ever have soda in the house, but when we do David drinks it like it is the last thing on earth.

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