Thursday, February 26, 2009

Here are some picture from the past week.
I had to get a picture of all 4 kids. It is really hard to get one where each of them look half normal.

We got a meal brought to us every other day for the past two weeks from our church. It was so fantastic to not have to worry about thinking what was for dinner and then to actually cook it.... We were so thankful for everythink everyone has done for us while we welcomed Judah into our home. One night we got tacos delivered. Tacos are one of Kians very favorite meals. Here he is taking a big bit. He ate 3 tacos that night. No joking!

Judah really loves his swing! I tried to capture a couple pictures while he was swinging.

David had to get into his uniform the other day for a seminar he had to attend. Kian said he looks like a police man in this uniform. I think he looks like a 50 yr old.

The past few days Kian has really started to enjoy his baby brother. He tells him he loves him all the time. Here they are doing some bonding.

Allyn enjoys her baby brother too!

Judah has been doing well sleeping. He usually goes to sleep between 10-11 and wake up between 2:30-4:30. Last night he did well. He fell asleep at 11 and woke up at 4:30. He is such a good baby!


The Cisneros Family said...

Stacy and Dave,
First of all David, that picture is so cute of you and Judah. It's so cute to see your new little boy in your arms.
And Stacy, that picture of all 4 kids is really cute! The picture of Kian holding Judah and Judah looking up at him is PRICELESS!! Also, you got Judah smiling... that's all the proof you need. He happy, not gassy. I LOVE these pictures.

Palmerfamily said...

So glad you got your new blog up! You have such a beautiful family...and Judah is such a cutie. I know you guys must be thrilled with your new addition to the Hastings family!I look forward to all the family updates. God Bless

Tammara, Jess and Cory said...

I love the new pictures of all the kids. The one with Judah and Kian bonding is my favorite.

Stacy said...

Tiff I have more of him smiling. I think I have a good one to post. I will download it and see what it looks like. He smiles ALL the time!!!