Thursday, July 9, 2009

David's 32nd Birthday

Wednesday was David's Birthday. We had a fun day. He took most of the day off work. We went to the movie Monsters vs. Aliens. I made David one of his favorite meals Jambalaya and we had our friends Scott and Michelle over for dinner. We ended the night with cake and ice cream.

The kids picked out a 2 shirts for David for his Birthday.
Oh the excitement!~

Judah now moves around his bed while he sleeps.


Robb and Rebecca said...

I love that picture of your family around the birthday cake. It's a really good family picture. Judah's getting so big, what a cutie!

The Cisneros Family said...

Your bedding is like ours OR our bedding is like yours :) And yeah, I agree with Rebecca, I LOVE that family picture of yall by the cake. You all take really good family pictures. Add it to the side of your blog.