Monday, September 14, 2009

I have been such a bad blogger lately. We are getting our house ready to go up for sale. Our goal is to be ready by Sept 23. We have gotten a lot of things done, but we still have more to go. I have so many pictures to post, but not the time to do it. Soon (I hope).


Robb and Rebecca said...

I did wonder if you'd abandoned the world of blogging forever. When is your actual target date to move? I know you're attempting to sell early so you'll have time, but I don't know when you plan to actually move?

The Cisneros Family said...

Okay, so you really need to let me peak into your computer so see if you can upload pictures WAY easier than it is for you now... Then, you need to make a post for your camping trip and save it as a draft... that way, you can skip it for now and it won't lose it's place as far as the date goes. Do this for all the pictures you dont want to deal with... then start posting again where you are now. Then when you have time, you can go upload to all those saved drafts and get caught up. Are you home today? Call me if you want us to "look" into your computer and show you the easier way to view your pictures...k? We'll be home all day. Gabe will be leaving at 5 though.