Tuesday, October 6, 2009

We sold the house after only 11 days. We put it up for sale early because we didn't know how long it would take to sell. The house across the street has been up for sale about 7-8 months now. So being that we are leaving in June we thought we should put it up. We did want it to sell right away, but we were not expecting it. The house across the street is bigger than ours so if it sold fir it would put the price of our house even lower so it was really important for us to sell first. The sale was an answer to prayer. The realtor said it was a really clean offer. They did not have a contingency on the sale of their own home. They did not ask for closing cost. They want to close by Nov 15 because they are first time home buyers and they want to get in on the $8000. We are now hunting for an apartment. After looking at a couple I really feel like our house is big. Apartment living is sure going to be an humbling experience.

Here are a few pictures of the house.

Lyric and Kian's room

Allyn's RoomMaster Bedroom--- we did not paint this room

The office-- another room we did nothing to.


We were planning on sleeping in on Saturday, but we got a call saying they wanted to walk though our house again and then at 10 they were going to be writing up a contract. So we all got dressed and went out for breakfast.

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WeAreFamily said...

Wow your house is really nice...glad you were able to sell so fast. I hope you will find the right place for your family to live until June. It is always so sad to sell a house and move out. I still miss the 2 house we had to sell...lol.