Saturday, August 1, 2009

Chick-Fil-A and Jelly Belly

On the Radio David won a CD and 4 free peach shakes at Chick-fil-A!! The closest Chick-Fil-A to our house is about 2 hours away in Racine. We decided to make a trip down there for lunch and then we took a tour at the Jelly Belly factory. It made for a great day!

Here is everyone enjoying their shakes.

The Jelly Belly Factory!

On the train tour.

Jelly Belly has several flavors. They also have a section of nasty flavor Jelly Belly. You can sample any of them that you want so we decided to try a nasty one. David and Lyric tried the vomit one. Allyn and Kian ate the booger and I went for the black pepper. I actually thought it was really good, but then again I love black pepper.
Lyric's reaction to the vomit jelly bean. They make you eat a toothpaste one after the vomit. I think they were both thankful for that.

I find this picture interesting for a couple of reason. 1. Someone has Judah smiling. 2. Allyn is almost as tall as me :( 3. Kian isn't looking at the camera, but then again that isn't much of a surprise. 4. Is Lyric itching his butt?
After we left Jelly Belly we stopped at Babies 'R Us to get Judah a new car seat. It is crazy he has outgrown is old one. (He is 6 months today). Lyric and Kian had to ride this fire truck. I think they were expecting it to do a little more than it did.
A couple months ago we got David this trailer on Free Cycle. He had to rebuild up the sides so we took the day to paint it. The kids had a lot of fun helping out.


The Cisneros Family said...

The Jelly Belly Factory? Funnnnn!!!! I love visiting factories. Especially the ones you get to sample the product.

Tammara, Jess and Cory said...

Love these pictures jelly belly factories are a blast.