Saturday, August 1, 2009

National Convention '09

Me and my "Roomies" Amanda, Me, Meredith and Rebecca

New Products!
Rebecca, Me and Meredith
Amanda, Me and Rebecca
Rebecca, Me and Marcy
Rebecca getting one of her several awards! Way to go Reba!!

Meredith getting her groove on up on stage.
Jennifer made her trip to Cancun! I am so proud of her!

Amanda is on her way to Maui!!! I will see you there Amanda!
The last night we were there we decided to stay at Rebecca's house. Here is Puget Sound Naval Shipyard (David was stationed on the Carl Vinson here) as we were driving by.
Here is the house we lived in before we left Washington State. It sure looks dumpy now :(
Mayheu Lane
When we got to Rebecca's house her son Jacob wanted to direct her into the drive way. He did a great job!

We decided to do a Spa Experience while we were at Rebecca's house. Deanna Geier joined us! Nothing like learning from the Pros!!
Amanda and Meredith taking notes........or was Meredith falling asleep?
On our ferry ride back to Seattle.
Seattle from the Ferry
I'm sure this was a business call.


The Cisneros Family said...

How neat to do a spa experience with the big timers at Rebecca's house! The trip looked fun, like always. I might have to join yall soon.. We're in need of a new van and can't afford one.. I might have to work again ;(

Tammara, Jess and Cory said...

The house does look like it is not taken care of.
Looks like you had lots of fun.