Monday, April 20, 2009

Last night was Bunco night. We had a lot of fun. Tracy took my candle holder off the wall. No, really she said she liked it so I gave it to her. Everyone thought I was really weird to just take something off my wall and give it away. After that everyone started pointing out stuff that they liked.
I did get 3 Bunco's and still did not win. Michelle and Anita also got 3, but Meredith walked away with the Bunco prize with 4 Buncos.


Tammara, Jess and Cory said...

That is one less thing you will have to pack when you move:) I love the new Judah pictures.

Rhiannon said...

You're moving? That pic of you and Judah is PERFECT!!! :)

Tracy said...

Hey - thanks again for clearing your walls for me! I think I'll look in the kitchen next time :-)