Friday, April 3, 2009

We really have not had much going on here lately. David is busy every night doing homework. It is so weird to have him say, "I have to do my homework". He is doing really well. He was at 100% until just recently he lost a couple points.

Judah has been growing up so fast. I never thought the transformation from 3-4 kids would be the easiest. He is so much fun. I love having a baby around.

Kian makes me laugh everyday. Yesterday he did 2 things that was really funny. I got us Subway for lunch. We were sitting at the table eating and he said to me, "is this healthy and fresh? The man on TV said he it is healthy and fresh". I then asked him if he new how much it was wondering if he had the "5, 5 dollar foot long song engraved in his head". He told me $7.
Last night the kids were sitting at the table eating and we noticed something under the couch. I went to look and it was a plastic picture frame (broken) that had Lyric and Kian's school pictures in it. I asked who broke it a few times and there was silence. I knew before I even asked who did it, but I wanted the truth to come out. Lyric and Allyn made it clear that they didn't do it. Kian just sat there taking a few small bites of his sandwich and looking back at me. After asking several times I told them that everyone gets the wooden spoon if someone doesn't tell the truth (because we DO NOT lie). Kian stuttered for a minute and finally confessed. It was so cute. Not cute that he broke the frame and tried to hide it, but cute how he was sitting there and finally told the truth. Thank God for the wooden spoon. They only need to feel it a time or two and they do whatever they can to avoid it.

Lyric still spends a lot of time reading. He has a collection of the Magic Tree House books that he loves to read. Last week he had them all read and was upset that he had nothing to read. He does not like the idea of not having a new book to read.

Allyn is still doing the same thing every day. She had her friend Mckenzie stay over during spring break. She turns into such a big girl when she is around. They had so much fun. When Mckenzie stayed over for Allyn's Birthday they tried to stay up until mid-night and they didn't make it. They did finally made it this time and they were both so excited about it. I can't believe Allyn made it. She has a hard not falling asleep before bed time (8:00).

As for me I am finally getting back into my business. It is hard to get going again after taking time off, but I am excited about it. I need to get going so I can make the next trip incentive. Not sure where it is going to be yet, but that does not matter I will take any vacation.

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Robb and Rebecca said...

It's fun to hear about your kids' personalities. I wish Lyric could come book shopping at our house. We have boatloads of books my kids aren't interested in, including every Magic Treehouse book ever made. Has he tried Lemony Snicket's Series of Unfortunate Events? My mom says she swore by them as a 4th grade teacher to get kids to read even if they didn't want to.

Great job getting back into your business. It's like riding a bicycle...