Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Allyn sick/OOps

Allyn was sick the whole Christmas vacation. It started Christmas night. She had fevers between 104-105. I was nervous about it so I took her into the ER on that Sunday. They gave her some medicine to help her keep stuff down and then sent her home. By Wed she was still not feeling better. The fevers were not so high, but she felt horrible. David took her into the Dr. and he said that when she was in the ER they found a bladder infection and never told us. I was really annoyed by it. So the Dr gave her an antibiotic for the bladder infection. I called the "man in charge" of the ER just to let him know what happened. The next day Dr #2 called and said there was no bladder infection after all. What??? He said to keep taking the meds though. So she was still not better and I took her in on that Sat. Dr #3 took x-rays and blood. Turns out she had pneumonia. My poor girl. So he gave her some new medicine. Now she is on 2 antibiotics. I took her in on Monday for a follow up and she was feeling much much better. Finally yesterday she went back to school, but getting ready for school I made a OOPPSS...

I was going to give her medicine to her and I stuck it in Judah's mouth and gave it to him. I felt horrible because he is allergic to penicillin. Luckily it was not penicillin and he did not have a reaction. I was freaking out so bad I could hardly figure out how to use my phone to call the Dr.

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