Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Christmas 2009

I got a new camera for Christmas. It is so much fun to play with, but I still have so much to learn.
David got a new electric razor. I guess he was a little excited.
Judah had more fun playing in the boxes than he did playing with his new toys.

Lyric loves to draw.

David got us a new heart rate monitor with a GPS. He is trying to figure out how to use it.
On Christmas Eve our friends Anita and Cedric came over to play games. They surprised us and brought some Thai food with them. It was delicious!

I made the kids new stockings this year. I never did finish them. I will do that next year I guess. Allyn is pink, Kian green, Lyric blue and Judah red.

PJs are always an exciting gift!

Lyric has wanted to take piano lessons so Santa got him a keyboard so he could start practicing.

Judah has fun playing it too!

Santa did a good job holding still so I could practice taking pictures of him.

This is my favorite picture. Not that it is a good picture, but I got it so David on the left was clear and the rest of the picture was blurry.

I was really excited to take a good picture of the 4 kids. That didn't last long. Not one of them wanted to be there.

This is how Allyn spent her holiday. Sick on the couch.
She did take several baths while she was sick. She would get in there and say, "oh this feels so good". David set her up with a candle and aromatherapy.

We could not go anywhere together during the Christmas break because of Allyn being sick. David took Lyric to see Avatar so this was my chance to take Kian to see the movie. I know it is really not a kids movie, but it is a movie that is a must see. Kian looked so so so cute sitting there in his 3D glasses eating popcorn. I just couldn't get enough of him that day.

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