Saturday, January 9, 2010

Sick Sick Sick!

Starting Wednesday when I got home from the Y I started feeling chills and aches. Sure enough I got a bug and have been sick ever since. I am feeling better today. I don't have as much of a fever, but my head is still pounding and my lungs feel like they are full of crap. Thursday and Friday were so horrible being home with a 11 month old and not feeling well. At one point yesterday I thought I was totally going to lose it. I am laying on the couch feeling like I could hardly move and Judah is standing right next to my head screaming. Here we are looking at each other crying not knowing what to do. I had a bag of Kix that I would poor out on the coffee table just to keep him quiet. I didn't care how big of a mess we made. When I did get up I realized I was sleeping with Kix everywhere. I also felt really bad for Kian. He was my baby sitter. Every minute I was asking him. What does Judah have? What is he doing? Will you get Judah? So David finally walked in the door and I just broke down again in tears because I was so happy to see him. I never thought he would get home to take HIS baby. Being a Mother is not always easy, but it is worth even the hardest times.

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