Sunday, January 31, 2010

Girls Weekend in Chicago

Photos of our Girls Weekend in Chicago. (Pictures are all out of order)



I have been a big fan of Threes Company ever since I was little. When I heard that Chicago had a Reagle Beagle I had to go there. We really enjoyed it! The food was great and the price was awesome.

The first night we went out to dinner at the Melting Pot.

Anita so spontaneous! She was eating her chocolate fondue when all of a sudden she decided to put Chocolate on her face. We were laughing so hard at her. The server comes to the table and she just smiles at him like nothing happened.
Her Birthday was the day before we went so here she is with her little treat.
View from our room.
Us at the Navy Pier.
At the Navy Pier there was a "Fun House". It was not as fun as we thought it would be. Here in this picture Anita was freaking out because I guess she was claustrophobic. .LOL

On the Trolley

View of the trolley and the very bottom of the sign of the Reagle Beagle on the top left of the picture. I love that place!

Anita is so beautiful when she wakes up!

Michelle at the Beagle.
Our bill at the Melting Pot. It is not a place I can dine on a regular basis.
Anita had a necklace made for her daughter.
Kate modeling the necklace.
Just another one of those random things.

I met a fellow Stacy. Only her name was spelled with a She is totally cute!
I had to take a picture of this sign. It was right in front of me at this restaurant/bar. I was so annoyed by it. Seriously??
Good Morning Michelle.

Helen Roper burger!


Tammara, Jess and Cory said...

Me and jes are planning on spending 3 nights in Chicago for his Birthday in Sept. I cant' wait.

Robb and Rebecca said...

I'm interested to know why you were carrying 2 drinks out of the bathroom with you? Looks like a really fun time!

Stacy said...

Rebecca I brought a long a bottle of champaine. It exploded everywhere and that was about all that was left of it.