Monday, May 10, 2010


I forgot to post this earlier. During spring break David got his board for Officer in Chicago. We decided to all go and spend the night in a hotel.

Here is Station Sheboygan. That window next to the garage is David's office. The office and the garage were build while David was stationed here. He was responsible for making sure everything was taken care of during construction.

The kids where really excited to go swimming at the hotel!!!

Judah really liked the pool. He wanted to swim on his own. The whole time he was trying to get out of our hands.

The next day we took the kids to the Chicago Science museum. That place is so huge! We didn't make it through the whole place, but we sure enjoyed what we did get to see.

This was for sure my favorite part of the museum!! They were actual fetus at different stages of pregnancy. I could have spent hours walking through this part. It was in a way creepy to know at one time they were growing in their Momma's belly. David DID NOT enjoy this part!

This was my other favorite part! Watching chickens hatch!!!! They would get out of the shell and move a little then just lay there. I would sometimes wonder if they were even alive. I stood and watched these little guys for a while, but I could have watched much longer.

Here is where they go after they are up and moving around. For some reason they all came running up to Kian like he was Mama. You can tell by his face he enjoyed that too!

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