Saturday, May 15, 2010

Lyric the hairstylist/ Judah's new helmet

This morning Lyric wanted to do my hair. I sat down in the chair and this is how it turned out. I thought he did a really good job!! I am thinking I could get used to this! I might have to send him to school for hair!

The back

David has been really excited to get Judah on the bike. Last night we got him a new helmet and he finally got to try it out. I think he looks really cute in it.
He is not even buckled in and he is already smiling!
We have a grocery store right out our garage. It is actually kinda nice to run out the back door and grab something when you need it. No need to run to the neighbors for an egg.

Judah was giggling the whole time.
A picture of the front of the house.

Kian's turn to go on a bike ride.
Early tomorrow morning we are going to leave for Green Bay. We are going to watch some friend run a half marathon. Lyric is staying the night at his friend Isaac's house.

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