Monday, May 10, 2010

Wisconsin Dells

David and I planned a trip to the Dells (Wilderness) and we didn't tell the kids. Last Saturday night after the kids went to bed we packed up the car so it would be ready to go in the morning. When the kids woke up we acted like we were getting ready to go to church. They figured out we were not going to church when we kept driving, but they didn't know where we were going until we got there. We had a fantastic trip in the Dells until the day we went home.

Judah is always getting into something!

We decided to go for a walk downtown Dells. We only had about 20 minutes to check stuff out because they closed at 5:00.
We went out for dinner at a Jamaican restaurant Marley's. From the second I walked in the door I knew the experience was not going to be the best. I felt like I was walking into a giant cigarette. The food ended up being pretty good. Judah didn't want to eat anything and just as we finished up eating he exploded and stunk up the whole place. I carried him to the bathroom holding him straight out because the mess was everywhere. In other words he left the place in his diaper. That was the beginning of the end of our trip.

Judah's nasty clothes. Not sure why David took a picture of that!

Breakfast at IHop.

Love this picture of Kian and Allyn!!

Judah was able to spend the first day hanging out in the water, but this is how he spent the second day. He was actually happy just hanging out watching everyone splash around.

We were so impressed with Allyn. She is not normally a fan of new things. I told her that she had to go on at least one water slide. At first she was very hesitant, but I didn't give her a choice. The whole way down she was not too sure about it. I think she thought about how fun it was and she was ready to go again. We even got her to go on the Hurricane. Lyric and I took her on there a couple times just so we could laugh at the expression on her face. She loved it every time, but asked a lot of questions each time on the way up. She did make sure to ask if we were proud of her each time she got off the slide.
David doing his "Bay Watch" walk.

Judah was not feeling well.

They had a super fun area that shoots balls around. I think David and I enjoyed that area more than the kids. David shot a girl right in the face with a ball.

David getting ready for the ball attack!

This was my favorite part of the whole weekend!!! A slide. This was no regular slide. It was super fast, steep and long. I had to climb up through some crazy stuff and small places to get to it, but after I tried it once I had to go a couple more times. I even have wounds on my elbows from the speed of it!!!

Judah smiles on command.

He was so wiped he just fell asleep on the floor.

Another smile on command. This was the 3rd day we were there. Judah had thrown up all over his bed that night. He woke up feeling horrible. David wasn't feeling that well so Allyn, Lyric and I went out for breakfast. We brought some back for Kian. By this point both David and Kian were not feeling well. We were going to enjoy the water park some more that day, but instead we packed up as quickly as we could and headed home for the most memorable car ride ever. David started out driving and all the kids were asleep. He pulled into a gas station and I asked him what in the world he was doing..... All the kids are sleeping and they are going to wake up. The look on his face told me he had to stop NOW! We went inside and I pumped some gas. I was about to get back in the car and realized Kian and thrown up. I get everything cleaned up and go in the store for bags and boxes for emergencies. I drive now while David's stomach cramps up. Judah is not a happy camper and is whining and crying. David reaches his hand back and starts rubbing his leg. As soon as he took his hand back Judah would start crying again. His next comment made me laugh the rest of the way home. He said, "I wish I had a stick". I am not sure why it was so funny, but it sure made me laugh. We got about 10 minutes from home and Lyric was crying. David looked back and asked him if he had to puke. Lyric said no, but 3 seconds later it was EVERYWHERE! At this point all I could do was laugh. There really was nothing funny about it. I tried so hard so no one would see me laughing because I know they wouldn't appreciate it being they all felt horrible. We finally got home.... I unpacked the car and cleaned out the van. The rest of the night David was either in bed or the bathroom. Kian laid on my bedroom floor white as a ghost with a bucket next to him. Allyn started throwing up. I started feeling it in my stomach. All Judah wanted was to lay on my and cry. This day I really thought I saw my family fading in front of me. The next day everyone was almost back to normal except for poor Judah. He has had the runs for a week. Yesterday and today he is finally getting back to normal!

A day or two after we got home.

For the next few days after we got home I would find Judah asleep in random places.

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